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FUTURE YOU is all about YOU.

And it’s all about THE FUTURE.

And there are LOTS of ways you can get involved and start imagining yourself right now…in the future!

You’ll find below a guide to how you can take part. And there are also some great prizes and goodies for you, your school and your community when you do.

We can’t wait to hear from you…and we will see YOU…in the future!

Want to know more on how to take part in Future You?

Like a Challenge?

STEM is all about grappling the challenges that our world faces now, and into the future. So, what better way to start thinking about the future than by taking part in our Challenges?

These will take place on a termly basis, and are closely linked to our Pathfinders films. They also tie in to our Imagining The Future stories.

First up comes the Highflyer Challenge, which is related to both our Highflyer Pathfinders film and Far Out!, the very first Imagining The Future story and podcast.

Read and listen to Far Out!, and watch our Highflyer film, and get ready for our Challenge launch! Sign up to our email below to get first word and how you can take part.

Make Us Laugh?

STEM jobs are really important to our daily lives, and you will often find yourself working in big teams, and often with LOTS of work to do. So, it’s good to have a sense of humour about these things…and to know a joke or two.

Got a good joke for us? One that’s connected to STEM – about science, computers, space, animals, machines or…something else (because STEM is LOTS of things)

Don’t worry if you have only have BAD jokes, or even TERRIBLE jokes, because we LOVE them all!

Send it to us, using the contact form below, and you could see your good/bad/terrible joke featured on a Future You Funnies poster. And we will be sending you Future You goodies as a thanks.

Got a Question?

After watching our Pathfinders films, or reading our Imagining The Future stories, you may well have a question for us about STEM, or the job, or about the story, or about…lots of things! Or you might have something to ask for the Women in STEM Ambassador (and Stargazer) Professor Lisa Harvey Smith.

We’d love to know what you want to know.

And we can get your questions to our Pathfinders or our awesome Imagining The Future writers, our sound designer, directors or composer, too. They‘d love to hear from you and we will come back to you with their answers (as well as a little thank you gift for asking).

Send your question in our contact form and you will be hearing from us…in the future!

Want to show something?

There are heaps of resources and activities as part of Future You, that you can complete in the classroom and home. If you have drawn something, painted something, built something or imagined something you are proud of and want to share, then let us know!

We’d love to feature you work on our website and across our socials, so get in touch (and we’ll be sending you something as a thank you, too!)

Want to suggest something?

We have thought long and hard about our website and we hope we have hit the mark with what we have produced.

But we know there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

So if you see you something you think we’ve gotten wrong or missed, or you have an idea about something we can add, let us know!

And we also know that there are GREAT ideas out there about what else we could be doing. If you have one of them, get in touch with us with your suggestion using the contact form below, and we will be in touch!

Thanks again for ALREADY being part of Future You by just reading this. We look forward to hearing from you and…see you in the future!

Drop us a message!

We look forward to hearing from you and…see YOU in the future!

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