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Future You Future You

Tanner has been noticing that lots of people in his town on the lunar outpost on Callisto are getting sick.

What is causing this mysterious illness plaguing his community?

Tanner’s sister Rachel thinks she knows what’s causing it and takes Tanner on an eye-opening adventure where they discover a lot more than just the cause of the illness.

Proof explores filtration, waste management and environmental science.

‘There’s a view of Jupiter out of the skylight.'

Strap yourself in for the fourth installment from Imagining the Future and listen to our thrilling space adventure, Proof

By Gary Lonesborough
Read by Joseph Altwood
Sound Design by Weronika Raźna
Music by Freya Berkhout
Story Editor Kate Whitfield
Artwork by Aaron Kennedy
Produced by Dan Prichard
Directed by Dan Prichard and Weronika Raźna

Journey through space!

Download and read Proof by Gary Lonesborough by clicking on the poster.  🚀

Proof is the fourth story of Imagining The Future, a five-episode series of STEM- inspired fiction, specially commissioned for Future You.

The five stories (The Callistan Cycle) chart the establishment of humanity’s first deep space outpost, on Callisto, the second largest moon of Jupiter.

Each story comes as a full downloadable text and a thrilling dramacast, featuring five of Australia’s hottest young actors.

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