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As the seconds count down to the launch of humanity’s first family into deep space, young stargazer Stella is sure that today is going to be the most exciting day of her life.


But she has no idea of just HOW exciting and terrifying and important it will be. And what it will mean for the future of interstellar travel.


Join the Kaufmanns as they go FAR OUT! in Lili Wilkinson’s heartstopping short story, a rollercoaster ride of rocket thrusters, astronauts, life and death decisions …and a groovy dancing robot frog.

"My name is Stella Kaufmann, and this is my last minute on Earth"

Strap yourself in for a ride to the stars and listen to our thrilling space adventure, Far Out!

By Lili Wilkinson
Read by Brenna Harding
Sound Design by Weronika Raźna
Music by Freya Berkhout
Story Editor Kate Whitfield
Artwork by Cassandre Collins
Produced by Dan Prichard
Directed by Dan Prichard and Weronika Raźna

Welcome to space!

Download and read Far Out! by Lili Wilkinson by clicking on the poster.  🚀

Far Out! is the first story of Imagining The Future, a five-episode series of STEM- inspired fiction, specially commissioned for Future You.

The five stories (The Callistan Cycle) chart the establishment of humanity’s first deep space outpost, on Callisto, the second largest moon of Jupiter.

Each story comes as a full downloadable text and a thrilling dramacast, featuring five of Australia’s hottest young actors.

And there’s lots of other fun Far Out! things to do, too.

Far Out, Galaxy Vibes

Listen, sing and dance along to Far Out! (Galaxy Vibes).

Watch on Youtube!


Check out more Future You funnies.

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“I can do this. I’m ready to see the universe.”

Stella Kaufmann, Far Out!

Want to work in space? Or design your own Hadfield?

If the adventures of Stella, her brother Cosmo, their mums and Hadfield, inspire you to star dreaming of a future among the stars, then check out the info on how you can work in flight and space (and dancing robot frog design here).

And check out this interview with our Highflyer Pathfinder Renee (--> or on her Highflyer page) who’s an aerospace engineer and pilot, and whose dream is to follow Stella to Jupiter and beyond!

Want to work in space? Or design your own Hadfield?

Like a challenge?

If you are now excited about the possibility of working in space, then you can start thinking about some of the challenges our future starsailors will face. And what better way of preparing yourself for future problems than taking part in our Future You Challenges.

The first of these, the Highflyer Challenge, will be launching soon, and will look at the problem that the Kaufmanns have to deal with in Far Out! SPACE DEBRIS!

To get first word of the Highflyer Challenge (and news of the cool prizes you could win), sign up to our newsletter in the Sign-Up form below.

Teachers and Families

Far Out! and all of the stories of The Callistan Cycle are meant to be enjoyed by EVERYONE.

There’s a full suite of resources to help you explore the career sectors featured in the story – space, aerospace, engineering, and robotics – with your students and/or children.

Check out our Far Out! resources below.

You can find out more about aerospace engineering on our Highflyer Pathfinders page. You can also find resources on other STEM careers on our Pathfinders page, and by signing up to our newsletter below.

The countdown has begun.

See you in the future!

Far Out! Artwork by Cassandre Collins.

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