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Future You Future You

Journey with us to Callisto, the second-largest moon of Jupiter, in the company of five of Australia’s most exciting novelists.

The adventure of your lifetimes has begun!

Imagining The Future

Our new fiction program imagines our future…among the stars, with the help of leading Australian writers Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Gary Lonesborough, Melissa Keil and Alison Evans.

Imagining the Future. From left to right: Alison Evans, Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Melissa Keil, Gary Lonesborough

Imagining the Future. From left to right: Alison Evans, Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Melissa Keil, Gary Lonesborough. Photo by Hugh Clark.

Imagining The Future, The Landing Party. Artwork by Cassandre Collins. Art Direction by Claudia Chinyere Akole. From left to right: Melissa Keil, Alison Evans, Rebecca Lim, Lili Wilkinson and Gary Lonesborough

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In the near future, humanity is reaching out far to the stars, establishing an outpost on the distant inhospitable surface of Callisto, the second-largest moon of Jupiter

In five breathtaking interlinked stories, we imagine life in the future and a future in space.

The stories feature a line-up of unforgettable, diverse young protagonists, who confront their fears, challenge themselves, and overcome the problems that life offworld presents, using STEM thinking, coupled with ingenuity, inventiveness, courage and the friendships that bind them.

Each story, available free for downloading, comes with a dramatized reading podcast featuring exciting young Australian actors, a rich sound design and a beautiful soundtrack.

There is also a suite of teaching resources for teachers and carers to enrich the comprehension and engagement with the stories.

And there will be a national creative writing and graphic art competition in 2023, inviting everyone to imagine themselves in the future and to be part of The Callistan Cycle.

Imagining The Future, Semper by Rebecca Lim (Dec 2022), Artwork by Cassandre Collins

Imagining The Future, Semper by Rebecca Lim, Artwork by Cassandre Collins

"My name is Stella Kaufmann, and this is my last minute on Earth"

Strap yourself in for a ride to the stars and listen to our thrilling space adventure, Far Out!

By Lili Wilkinson
Read by Brenna Harding
Sound Design by Weronika Raźna
Music by Freya Berkhout
Story Editor Kate Whitfield
Artwork by Cassandre Collins
Produced by Dan Prichard
Directed by Dan Prichard and Weronika Raźna

Find out more on our Far Out! page

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