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Future You Future You

Journey with us to Callisto, the second-largest moon of Jupiter, in the company of five of Australia’s most exciting novelists.

The adventure of your lifetimes has begun!

Imagining The Future

Our new fiction program imagines our future…among the stars, with the help of leading Australian writers Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Gary Lonesborough, Melissa Keil and Alison Evans.

This collection of five interlinked short stories explores different sectors of STEM in the context of space exploration.

Each story follows a different character’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of life off-world. From robotics and AI to climate change and resource management, these stories will take your students on a journey through the exciting world of space exploration.

With vivid characters and engaging plotlines, these stories will inspire your students to imagine their own STEM careers and become the next generation of space explorers.

So, get ready to blast off into the exciting world of space exploration with The Callistan Cycle. We can’t wait to take your students on this incredible journey!

Imagining the Future. From left to right: Alison Evans, Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Melissa Keil, Gary Lonesborough

Imagining the Future. From left to right: Alison Evans, Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Melissa Keil, Gary Lonesborough. Photo by Hugh Clark.

The Callistan Cycle

Far Out! by Lili Wilkinson

“My name is Stella Kaufmann, and this is my last minute on Earth”

Strap yourself in for a ride to the stars with our thrilling space adventure, Far Out!

Find it here.

Calculating Apple Pie by Melissa Keil

‘Oh no. Arche. You messed with the food fabricator code?’

Get ready for a cosmic journey of mathematical proportions with Calculating Apple Pie!

Semper by Rebecca Lim

Semper made everyone smile, except Shang.

Buckle up for an interstellar adventure with Semper, the epic tale of a space explorer’s quest for discovery.

Find it here.

Proof by Gary Lonesborough

‘There’s a view of Jupiter out of the skylight. It’s clear enough to see the clouds shifting across its surface.’

Prepare to launch into the unknown with Proof. Two siblings investigate the cause of a mysterious illness impacting the colony.

Find it here. 

Earthbound by Alison Evans

Coming soon

The final story from the Callistan Cycle, Earthbound explores new frontiers.

Image description: The five authors of the Imagining the Future series have been drawn into a space-themed setting. They are sitting in the centre frame of the image on red and pink containers. They are all wearing blue space overalls. In the background are two green space buggies in a giant cargo bay. Outside the cargo bay we can see outerspace.

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